Alpha & Omega’s team of fitness professionals can meet all your training and nutritional needs

Adam Hindle

– A&O Owner

– Advanced dilpoma in sports specific nutrition and coaching.

– Powerlifting coach

– Multiple training and coaching qualifications.

Adam has been training and competing in strength sports for almost a decade. An accomplished athelete, Adam has gained numerous accolades during his career including the GPC title of British Super Heavyweight Champion 2016, the British Dead-Lift Record Holder 2017 and many other power-lifting titles.

The local fitness community is incredibly important to Adam, he is well known for organising and hosting a various seminars, competitions and events in the South Wiltshire area. Previous events have been attended by many world class professionals reflecting Adam’s respected position within the strength sports community.

“Strength training is for all walks of life. It’s not always the easiest route to take. But everyone I’ve been involved with who’ve stuck at it and got stronger have reaped enormous rewards.”

Since founding Alpha & Omega Gym, Adam has been using his extensive experience to train others in strength sports, utilising cutting-edge methods such as Eastern Bloc and West-Side Conjugate systems alongside more traditional approaches. With his broad expertise in nutrition, strength coaching and fitness training Adam offers the total package to meet and exceed your personal goals.

Erin Seaman

– Level 3 PT

– Degree in sports fitness and coaching

– Group exercise instructor

An accomplished and well established personal trainer in the Salisbury area, Erin uses her extensive experience and varied client base to tailor each training programme specifically to the individual client.

“Fitness and strength training have had a very positive impact on my life. The privilege of helping others – allowing them to literally change their lives and free themselves from perceived stereotypes, is even more rewarding. Clichéd as it sounds – It really is my passion!”

As with all the trainers here at Alpha & Omega, Erin believes the key to success in fitness is to build a solid foundation from the beginning. She believes in using correct form, proper technique, and injury prevention in a fun environment. This approach allows anyone, regardless of their current conditioning, to achieve the goals that they set for themselves.

Mellissa Hurley

– Level 3 PT

– Sports therapist (massage, medical acupuncture etc)

– Registered yoga teacher

Mellissa started off training for herself and quickly developed a love for all things weights and mobility. Her natural next step was to become a PT and therapist. As another very strong competitive powerlifter at A&O Mellissa incorporates this experience and other varied methods into her training sessions.

“Having achieved things I never thought were possible for me, I am passionate about using the same methods to help people realise their own potential through fitness and watching them transform their lives when they start asking the question “What if I can?”.

Having spent a month in Goa learning to become a Yoga instructor Mellissa understands the importance of mobility and this can be seen in the results of her clients. Her anatomical knowledge is second to none and this shows in abundance in her therapy sessions.


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